The Sarah Broom Poetry Prize is inspired by the spirit of imagination, freedom and determination that marked Sarah's life and work. The prize aims to provide recognition for a New Zealand poet and a financial contribution to support their work.

The prize will be awarded annually, based on 6-8 unpublished poems, to encourage and support the recipient in the completion of a full manuscript of original poetry.

Entries for the Sarah Broom Poetry Prize open on 3 February 2014 and close 14 March 2014. The inaugural Sarah Broom Poetry Prize will be announced at the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival in Auckland on Sunday 18th May 2014. The prize for 2014 will be $12,000.

Shortlisted poets will be invited to read their poetry at a specific poetry event at the Festival.

Fundraising for the Poetry Prize is now underway and will determine the final amount awarded to the recipient. If you would like to contribute to the fund please make a donation with your credit card or internet banking via PayPal.

If you would like more information about donating please email

Meet the judging panel.


enter2014 WINNER

The judges are delighted to announce CK Stead is the winner of the inaugural Sarah Broom Poetry Prize.Sarah

Stead is one of New Zealand's most prominent writers and critics, as well as a recipient of New Zealand’shighest honour (the Order of New Zealand), and the 2009 Montana Book Award for his Collected Poems, among numerous other awards.

The iconic New Zealand poet Sam Hunt was guest judge for 2014. "Sitting in judgement on 3000 odd poems by 300 odd poets is a daunting task", says Hunt. "When poems of the voice and presence of Karl Stead’s come along, those hours of reading and listening, become more than worthwhile, they become a total pleasure."

Stead accepted the award via video on Sunday, as he is currently in Europe. "One is always delighted to win a literary prize", he says, "but this a very special one because Sarah Broom was a special person. I admired her poetry hugely and I wish I had met her personally. I understand there was a strong field, so it’s reassuring at my age to be told that you are still in business. I am delighted to have won, and I hope that the award continues and that it keeps, along with the poetry itself, the name of Sarah Broom alive to us all."

The award of $12,000 was announced at the Auckland Writers' Festival, where shortlisted poets Emma Neale and Kirsti Whalen also read from their work.

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