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Poetry Prize Winner

The tablecloth

Later you’ll scrub individual stains
from the white field: the rim of someone’s glass
down which a red droplet ran, a smear
of eggy quiche, a buttered crumb.

You’ll stand over the tub and rub
as if the cloth is tiny – forget the expanse –
and you’re rubbing it against a tiny stone
in the favoured tradition. Then

under the clear water, the flowing stream
the white expanse will glow again. Ironing
will bring the creases back which enabled it
to lie dead centre on the table

and the lovely folds (napkins provided)
to fall into laps spaced in their chairs
legs stretched beneath the sumptuous screen
we walked around while we laid it.
Elizabeth-Smither: 2016 Poetry Prize Winner
Elizabeth Smither

New Plymouth based poet Elizabeth Smither was announced as the winner of the 2016 Sarah Broom Poetry Prize at the Auckland Writers Festival.

Smither has published twelve collections of poems. She has also published two novels, two collections of short stories and a book for children. She is a former NZ Poet Laureate and her work has garnered several awards.